Has TV entertainment killed love?

TV has slowly become an important part of any household. And it is hard to find one without this addictive electronic appliance. But TV entertainment has changed our lives in ways we did not realize. For example love has taken a hit because of TV entertainment mainly in two ways.

No time for love!

One way in which TV interferes with love is the fact that people sit glued to their television sets for so long that there is hardly any time left for love. Children to adults now find it nearly impossible to spend a single day without TV. Work, daily commute to the workplace and the regular routines has now created busy lives. So people hardly find time to spend with their loved ones. This has made people less expressive as well. And at the end of the day whatever free time is left people often spend it in front of the TV. So where does the time for expressing love come in? This is the first way in which love is damaged by television.

Unrealistic expectations are born

Romcoms and other TV shows in the romance genre are sometimes over-exaggerated versions of love stories. These are the channels that have the most influence on the current generation. Sometimes this is pretty dangerous because it hampers the way people perceive reality. The fantasy world created by the TV shows often appear to be more magical than the real world. This has led to the creation of unrealistic expectation among couples. As a result this creates disappointments when the reality doesn’t match with the fantasy world that a TV shows. Get inspired with these love quotes when you are down and start looking at the all the small things that make love beautiful than simply looking at what is missing.