The Coldest Places on Earth to Camp

Are you looking for suggestions on some great places to camp if you enjoy experiencing snowy and icy conditions? Well, this guide is for you. I’ve put together my favorite places on earth for camping in cold weather.

Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon, USA

This is normally a very popular destination in the summer, but if you’re looking for a great winter camping experience then I highly recommend you try it out off-season. There’s a huge forest with a whole range of places you can choose for your campsite, but my personal favorite is by Trillium lake. It’s a nice, small lake with fantastic views of the whole area.


Hadrian’s Wall in the UK

This is a fantastic one if you’re a bit of a Roman history fan. The whole area is full of really good camping spots, and this is also a paritcularly good place to go for a light introduction to winter camping. While the UK does get cold, especially up north, you’re not going to experience any major winter conditions. A good one to take the family to introduce them to winter camping.


The Ice Hotel in Finland or Quebec

Ok, so this isn’t technically a camp site.. But I still wanted to add it here because it’s just so beautiful and different. You can experience the beautiful icy winter wonterland of Finland and do it all from a warm ice hotel with hot tubs, bars, restaurants and dance floors!



Quite a jump up from the ice hotel in Finland! This is for the real hardcore winter campers out there. If you REALLY want to get the full experience of man vs the elements then Antarctica is the place to do it. This really is the most incredible winter camping location on Earth. This one is really only for the experienced campers though, and even then you should do plenty of research before your expedition and learn absolutely everything there is to know about camping in such harsh conditions. Research all the equipment and gear you’ll need so you leave nothing to chance. If you do ever get a chance to camp in Antarctica let me know how it went in the comments section.