Myths About YouTube Views Busted

It is difficult to attract users to watch your video in YouTube, as there are millions of videos uploaded in the YouTube every minute. Thus, many have started to buy YouTube views to attract more viewers. If you are also planning to buy some views but are hesitant because of the negative feedback about it, then read on to know some common myths about buying YouTube views.

1. Illegal?

There’s a misconception that buying YouTube views are illegal. But in reality, it is not at all considered illegal. There might be some terms and conditions that might prohibit views like bot views.

2. Fear of Video Deletion

Do not be afraid about your video getting deleted because you bought views. You video will never get deleted because of that. YouTube deletes the videos only if your content is against its terms and conditions.

3. Fear of Ban

Your account will never be banned just because you bought YouTube views. Accounts will be banned only if the video contains illegal content.

4. Getting stuck at 301

When you buy views from a high-quality provider, you don’t have to worry about your views counter getting stopped at 301. Artificial techniques might lead to problems but human views never cause any problem.

5. Fear of Fake Views

When you buy from a quality provider, you need not fear about the fake views that could have been generated through automated techniques. You are actually paying some amount to a person to watch your video. Again, it varies and depends upon the quality of the provider.

6. All views are Same

Not all views are same. While cheaper views are generated by bots, quality views are from social media. So, make sure you buy YouTube views from a genuine provider.

7. Not all Toppers buy YouTube Views

Most of the top YouTube users, companies and popular people buy YouTube views to improve their ranking.

8. Buying YouTube views is the best strategy

Though buying YouTube views is good strategy, your business shouldn’t be dependent only on this. There are several other strategies which need to be tried along with buying the views so that you improve your business in the long term.

Buying YouTube views will help make the video more popular. But, it’s important to research and buy content from a reputable provider to maximize traffic.