Stupid Simple Wood Carving Ideas For Beginners

Wood is a material that brings out the craftsman in you. There are many things that you can make out of wood and also of different kinds. Delicateworkmay is not for you just now because you are only a beginner. It does take time and patience and lots of practice to master the art.

Just learn to whittle now and you can then start using the powerful tools to make different carvings.

Tobacco pipe

Take some wood and make it into a tobacco pipe. All you need is some simple tools to give it the correct shape. You could give it away as a present to someone or even sell it off to a handicraft store.

Wooden frame

Why not try making a lovely wooden frame to hang your favorite picture.  All that you need is to get the frame cut and using your tools you could make some simple designs and carvings on it for it to stand out. Now you can flaunt that you have made a décor for your home yourself.

Soap case

Youcan actually carves a soap case. Give it a neat design and if you would like to gift it to someone then you can also custom make it as per the receiver’s taste. A flower for the lady can make the case stand out.

Name frame

Thisissimpleand with a block of wood you can carve it to make a name frame to hang on your door. Has your friend just bought a new home? Then why not make a name frame for him or just a welcome board and give it to him as a gift for his new home.

Just use the best compact circular saw and other tools to make these beautiful, simple yet little stupid wood carvings. They make a great piece to decorate your home or to give away as gifts.