How to be a phone chat pro

Not everyone likes to have a face to face conversation; some prefer the shroud of anonymity to chat comfortably with a faceless individual then sitting across the table. If you want to continue a conversation with anyone then you must learn to talk like a professional with the right tone, modulations, and correct pauses. Here are few tips to learn to speak like a pro.

  • Your voice must reflect your smile: So, first smile physically as this will relax the facial muscle and you will sound cheerful and welcoming to the person.
  • Use positive language: Nobody likes to be spoken to rudely. Hence, to speak like a professional you must attempt to relax the person on the other side so that they are more forthcoming and ready to share with you their needs, expectations, and Practice using positive language on a daily basis so that it becomes a habit that comes naturally.
  • Do not use slang or abbreviations: You must adopt a friendly and approachable manner while speaking on the phone; speak a language that is easy to understand and use terms that most people are familiar with. As a general rule, do not use abbreviations, regional slang, and technical jargon.
  • Patience is a virtue: Some people take time to open up and get to the point; be patient. Nudge them gently, guide them and try to help them to voice out their thoughts.
  • Go with the flow: Reciprocate the chatter’s mood; if someone is brisk and formal, you can stick to minimal banter but if someone is friendly and uses a lot of smiley’s there is nothing wrong in “smileying” back.

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