LED lights are a far cleaner and sharper way to light up just about any space. They are even available in many color variations. When done correctly they can give any space a cool and futuristic look.

You can add some fun to a dull corner by adding a 1000 watt LED grow light, and add life to that space. Led strips have also become a recent hot, as it can reach in small spaces where a conventional bulb cannot. They are super bright, available in various color options as well as flexible and so are capable of making any corner into a fun corner.

How you can make a place entertaining with LED lights can go as far as your imagination can. The fact that they are pocket-friendly and consume less electricity makes it even better. Here are a few ideas to add that element of entertainment.

Stairs: Having some warm and small lights can be a lifesaver along stairs as they can really help while using the stairs in dark. They also give a cool outline to the stairs. You can even use LED strips across each step.

Mirrors: The vanity mirror need not look like the dressing room of an old star with numerous bulbs around it. You can make it look good and get the right highlighting even with small lights or even better the LED strips.

Around drawers and shelves

It makes a closet appear smart and sleek, but most importantly even adds that element of utility. Looking into drawers at night can no more be a task. It even is great to look at.

Use it as a nightlight

This might require some additional effort, but it will always do the job in an entertaining way. If you have a cool wall hanging that could serve as a night light, simply install small LED bulbs behind it or use a LED strip around it.