Fitness Strategies For The Endomorphs

When we talk about workouts and diet we simply talk on a general scenario. But what we are missing here is the fact that workouts cannot be generalized. The fitness routine that suits one might not suit another. The body type is definitely something that has to be considered while devising a fitness plan.

There are endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Let us talk about endomorphs. These are the people with a large fat to muscle ratio. This is the type of body that might be difficult to work on. These people might have a hard time losing weight. Endomorphs generally tend to have slower rates of metabolism. They are characterized by their “stocky” build. Gaining new muscle might be easier for the endomorphs however. For this you would have to choose the right mass gainer drink for an endomorph. Some of the most popular celebrities who are endomorphs are Zac Effron and Dita Von Tesse. Fitness tips for the endomorphs:

  • The fitness routines and diet plan for endomorphs should focus on somehow enhancing the rate of metabolism. Given the ease of muscle gain, once the metabolism is improved, then building a chiseled body would be a simpler task.
  • Drinking lots of water is essential no matter what your body type is. But this is even more crucial for endomorphs. Increased water intake can improve the metabolism
  • Start with a focus on reducing body fat. Intense cardio is something that you cannot skip. But also remember to balance it out well with stead cardio workouts.
  • Coming to the diet pattern, carbs are something that the endomorphs should try reducing. Increasing the sugars in the diet is also equally important. Natural vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats are what would help endomorphs. And with respect to the diet another useful advice for the endomorphs is that smaller frequent meals are better than the conventional 3 large meals.