Your Guide To Buying a Wooden Slatted Bed Frame

The wooden slatted support is a great investment for your home. These slatted bed frames create a simple yet unique look and help in streamlining the furnishing of your home. Rest assured that when you choose to install the amazing wooden slatted support in your bedroom, your space will be uncluttered and clean.

What are the slatted bed frames?

They and simple pieces of furniture. The standard structure will have few wooden slats (around 20) that have been inserted between the frames edge and the central stabilizing bar. The stabilizing bar is normally sturdier and thicker and in most cases made of metal. If you are looking for slatted bed frames, look to buy one that has more slats. The extra slats will offer more levels of adjustable support and also make the bed frame durable.

Material of the slatted bed base

The slatted bed bases are mostly made as a combination or wood and metal. The slats in the slatted bed frame are made of layered wood product or solid wood. These are attached to a rectangular frame that sits inside and flushes with the bottom of the frame. It helps to hold the mattress. The slats run parallel to the head and the foot of the frame.

Beech is a common material for wooden slats. This is used because it is long lasting as well as stable. Birch is another popular option but it wears off easily.

What should you look out for?

The wooden bed slats should not be perfectly rigid. The advantage of wooden slats is that they can curve downwards and adjust to fit the body as well as the sleeping position. This makes it very comfortable. The natural wood slats replace the spring action that is used in box springs and in innerspring mattresses. You could have a thinner bed which leaves you a lot of storage space and also makes your bedroom look larger.

The slatted bed frame should be comfortable. Some of them also come with movable components which lets one adjust to different levels of firmness.  They can also be electronically controlled that let you adjust the firmness and the height of the mattress.